Repus ® is a innovative global solutions company focusing on Software Development, Marketing, and Logistics. No matter what the need may be we will create or find solutions for you. View our original site.

Innovative Social Site Created and Developed by Repus ®. The X° is truly a great site to see what Repus ® can do for you. It features custom graphics, photo albums, communication portals, history builders and searches, friend and family networks, places to share your careers, education, military service, organizations and residence. View our original site.

Authentic African Art, Jewelry, Masks, Sculpture, and other Artifacts hand picked and collected throughout Africa. These items are real and not the fake knock offs you get from your local discounter... We have traveled, searched out, and found the best items in Africa for Africanize, LLC and shipped these items back to the USA for them to sell on their e-commerce site. View our original site.

Dr. Des is a site which focuses on Motivational Insights and how your life relates to the Bible. This site features pod casting, RSS feeds, video, commenting features, and runs in a blogging atmosphere.

Ever wanted to learn how to ride horses? How about learn how to ride and jump them over 3 foot plus jumps... Here at Katalyst Sporthorses you can. Katalyst Sporthorses features, Google Maps, Contact forms, Slide shows, and video. View our original site.

Need to get somewhere in a hurry? How about impressing your date? Why not go in style in a wonderful chariot in the sky a helicopter... Preston Aviation can transport people, record ariel photography via video or still cameras. They have provided services for police, news, boating advertisements, thrill rides as well as Charters to take some of our staff on dates. Preston Aviation features a great scheduling system for the general public as well as private calendars too. View our original site.

If your feeling worn out and sleepy you might want to check out the products located at Well-ville. Well-ville provides services ranging from video conference calls, help material, and Consulting. We provide a e-commerce shop for Well-ville as well as full maintenance, image work, and custom solutions for their every need.

If your in need of a great Contracting Company to complete any type of job from residential to commercial "On Time & On Budget" you must check out Joe Killian Contractors, LLC. We provide a fully dynamic site for Joe Killian Contractors including Slide Show, Galleries, PDF up loaders as well as help and support to I. T. questions & solutions for their every need. View our original site.


Do like music? Do you like Dave Matthews? If so I believe you will love the music Chronos produces. They feature guitars, bass, keyboards, electric violin, drums and vocals. We have provided custom graphics, guest book, events calendar, and mp3's sound clips for Chronos.

Desmond Rose Ministries is a e-commerce site which helps support a ministry buy selling CD's, Tapes, DVD's, as well as some other items. We have created the audio files, video, and training to help Dr. Rose and his site continue to minister to people on a global basis. View our original site.

Wirecars™ was the first interactive site we developed. Wirecars™ includes games, e-commerce, coloring book, story book, and animated features to help capture the imaginations of children. After all a Wirecar is merely a toy made out of think steel wire and powder coated. Therefore, an imagination is very vital to have a good time with this toy. We located, imported, warehoused, shipped, sold, and marketed this toy in the USA. This all so included passing the toy through the CPSC.

Caribbean College of the Bible is a educational institution which helps student further their collegiate dreams. CCBI is a very simple and concise site which includes custom graphics, menu tree, and many other pages ranging from news letters to class listings and other pages helping student and faculty become more productive and effective.

Textbook Classified is a student book listing site which lets students list, sell, and trade their university textbooks among each other. This site is very clean, easy to navigate, and serves it's purpose extremely well. Textbook Classified was also one of the very first sites which we produced.

North Side Assembly is an informative portal for the church. This site features a bulletin, sermon notes, and is a fully dynamic site which can be changed via an html GUI, by the church, at a moments notice. We have provided consultation and in depth training for North Side Assembly.


Community Air Patrol is a local service which uses helicopters from Preston Aviation, Inc. to help local police in Springfield, Missouri and other nearby cities combat crime from the skies. Day or night CAP is there to help support in any way that they can. CAPs site includes custom graphics, slide shows, and detailed information on their services.

Tommy Game Calls is a well formed e-commerce site which sells patented turkey game calls. Tommy Game Calls sells to individual outdoors men as well as wholesalers and distributors world wide. Therefore, we built a diverse custom shopping cart to handle these two specific avenues. We have provided training, support, and maintenance to help Tommy Game Calls sell their products world wide.

Your Profile Cards is a unique site which helps socialites share their cyber profiles with people. This e-commerce site puts your favorite social site on business cards which allows one to quickly and easily share profiles. We designed many layouts, graphics and a unique shopping cart to handle these personalized transactions.

Your Solution to Realty in South Africa is finally here! This e-commerce site puts your real estate online in South Africa. Whether you have a house to sell or commercial property to find deBruto Real Estate is here to help. We found a great solution for deBruto to use to list, show, and sell a wide spectrum of real estate in a global web based atmosphere. We also design and build custom code to help them with their daily business transactions.

Reed Middle School

While spending time in local middle schools helping students prep for science fairs, math competitions, and helping tutor children who needed extra help. We ran across a science teacher who needed help creating a web site for Reed Middle School. Being who we are we jumped right in and coded, trained, and helped out where we could all at our expense. Now Reed has a wonderful site which is constantly changing and only getting better with each rendition.