The X Degree

This area of the site will go into great detail on how Repus ® as a company steps through the various phases of development from design to live production of a web site. We will use The X Degree as our model. The reason for this is the fact that this is a Social Web site which we designed and engineered from nothing to something and has many unique and custom items associated with it.

The X Degree is set up as a Searchable Autobiography™ which includes in depth areas for one to build out Careers, Education, Military, Organizations, and Residence Histories. One can also build out and share Family, Favorites, Interests, Lifestyle, Pets, and Relationship preferences. That's not all; you can connect to Friends and Family as well as share Photo Albums, Media (video, radio, audio, and games), and your favorite Instant Messengers.

More to come soon, much more...

Custom Blog's

Why not have your own custom blog on your domain with maps, chat, custom graphics etc.

How about blogging from your phone with pictures and text immediately.

Visit Dr. Des Blog to see these features in action.

Project Development

We use various models while coding applications. Which are all dependent on the project at hand.


Can be expensive, however, we do what we can to work with any budget.